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Relations between Canada and Wallonia-Brussels

Relations avec le Canada

The role of Belgium, Wallonia and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation within the European Union is crucial in bi-lateral relations with Canada.

Prior to the institutional reforms in Belgium, which led to the creation of the French Community in 1970, numerous agreements between Canada and Belgium were signed in a wide variety of areas (cultural, administrative, fiscal, commercial, technical, etc.). Since 2007, the agreement on international youth mobility (working holiday program) enables young Canadians to come to Belgium and young Belgians to go to Canada, to explore the country while having the possibility of working there.

The French-speaking community is one of the commonalities between the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the Canadian provinces such as Quebec, New Brunswick, and some Canadian regions such as Acadia.


Relations avec le Québec

In 1980, Wallonia signed its first international cooperation treaty: the Joint Declaration between the Walloon Region and Quebec concerning economic cooperation. The Cooperation Agreement between the French Community and Quebec was in turn signed in 1982 and the first Wallonia-Brussels Delegation opens its doors on 5 November 1982, in Quebec.

In 1996, the export and foreign investment agency for the Walloon Region (AWEX) is set up in Montreal.,

In March 1999, following the institutional development of entities and to symbolically reaffirm the privileged nature of Wallonia-Brussels/Quebec relations, a framework agreement (concerning the areas of education, culture, housing, higher education, research, innovation, etc.) is signed by the Chief Executive of the Walloon Government, the French Community Government and the College of the French Community Commission of the Brussels-Capital Region (COCOF) and Quebec. Implementation of the cooperation is ensured by the Minister of International Relations and the French-speaking community of Quebec and by Wallonia-Brussels International (International Relations of the Belgian French community and Wallonia with management of COCOF files).

In 2000, the Wallonia-Brussels Tourism office was created in Quebec, followed by two offices in Montreal: the Wallonia-Brussels branch (2013) and the Scientific Liaison Office (2014). Since 2017, the Wallonia tourism office is based in Namur.